Here are some questions we asked regularly.

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[slide name=”How much does it cost?”]Every event is different, so our quotes are based on how much time we need to put into your event, the venue location and the equipment needed. The easiest thing to do is simply ask for a quote.[/slide] [slide name=”Can we see the DJ before we book?”]We know choosing the right DJ is important, so we are always happy to discuss matters in detail either on the phone or at your venue.  There’s no charge for a meeting, and there’s no obligation on your part either.[/slide] [slide name=”Are you a DJ agency”]NO!

We definitely are NOT a DJ agency – we only work with a small team of highly experienced professional DJs with a proven track record.

The reason for this is simple – we pride our service on quality, not quantity!

Some DJ agencies and websites are set up to gain bookings, they take a 40%-60% cut then send out the cheapest DJ they can find. We’ve never worked that way and we never will.[/slide] [slide name=”Can I pick my playlist before the event?”] YES!
You can send us a list prior to your event or use our online music library to select your songs.[/slide] [slide name=”Can we see our DJ play before we book him?”]If your DJ is playing at a public event, that’s no problem.

Unfortunately we can’t invite you to a private party to see them.[/slide] [slide name=”What will the DJ wear??”]Unlike other DJ’s who may DJ in a t-shirt, jeans and scruffy trainers, we always wear a shirt, trousers and shoes. If you need us to follow a specific dress-code, just let us know.[/slide] [slide name=”What will you need at the venue?”]We need at least two 13amp sockets to power our equipment.
This should be within a reasonable distance to where we have to set up.[/slide] [slide name=”Do you play requests?”] Of course!
We are working for you and will play exactly what you want. In fact, once you have booked us for your event, you and your guests will have access to our online system to make requests before your event even takes place.[/slide] [slide name=”Can you provide references?”]Absolutely, just get in touch. We are more than happy to put you in touch with any previous clients.[/slide]

[slide name=”Do I need to pay a deposit?”]Yes.
All events require a deposit to secure your date.
You can pay online, or by cash, cheque, or bank transfers.[/slide]
[slide name=”How long does it take you to set up your equipment?”]This is dependant on two factors.

1. Venue Access – If access is straightforward, i.e. not too many stairs, it usually only takes 10 minutes to get our equipment in. If not, it can take up to 30 minutes.

2. The amount of equipment needed – a  standard gig usually takes 45 minutes.

Usually this information can be obtained by a quick call to the venue but if necessary we will visit the venue beforehand.[/slide] [slide name=”What type of equipment do you use?”]We only use the best professional equipment:

Martin Audio
Lab Gruppen
Martin Lighting
Apple[/slide] [slide name=”Can you set up your equipment before my event starts?”]Yes, this is common for weddings.
It’s not a great look having someone wheel equipment through your exclusive hotel suite while your guests are enjoying a meal. We offer an early set-up service where we can be on site from 8am.
Please contact us if this is something you need for your event.[/slide]

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