Are you looking for something fun, unique and great for all ages to give the perfect finishing touch to a party or event? We have everything that you could possibly need to finish off a party and provide exciting activities for your guests, including giant party games. These games are loved by kids and adults alike, and are the perfect way to ensure that your guests can mingle, bond and enjoy themselves at the same time. Whether it’s a children’s party, birthday, corporate event or even wedding, our giant party games will get everyone competing, laughing and talking, ensuring a brilliant atmosphere at your event.

We can enable you to back to your childhood days and relive the memories of all your favourite games such as Limbo, Kerplunk, chess, Connect 4, Twister, Jenga and more, only on a larger scale. Guests of all ages will enjoy experiencing the classics once again and it is a great alternative to the average party activities. For those who prefer more modern games, we also supply large video game stations so your party guests can play a selection of fantastic games on the Nintendo Wii, PS3 or Xbox.

You will have no concerns about safety when you choose our giant party games; they are completely family-friendly, regularly checked and maintained, and totally safe to use. If you require it, we can provide supervisors for your party games so that parents can relax knowing their children are safe. Our team of reliable, professional experts can also help you set up your games and get everything ready before the event begins.

The idea behind our company is to provide a service truly like no other and allow everyone to have the best entertainment at their events. If you are in search of DJs, backdrops, lighting, dance floors, games, marquees and more make us your first choice and you won’t be disappointed.

We are able to provide you with some of the best party and entertainment services in Ireland and can even offer discounts for use of multiple services at once. Our quotes are truly unbeatable, with a track-record of proven success. Get in touch today to enquire and we’ll be able to assist you with your special event, supplying outstanding giant party games that will get everyone participating and having fun.

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