We are dedicated to bringing an extra element of fun to all manner of celebrations, whether it is birthday parties, weddings or corporate events. If you want something that will get everyone interacting, talking and having fun, why not consider getting some giant party games for everyone to join in with? We offer an extensive range of different services including a large selection of giant party games that are sure to keep children and adults entertained. Unlike most providers we want to help you make your event a success and one that guests will remember fondly. When you choose our services you will work with a specialist with a wealth of experience and passion.

Keeping people entertained at an event is always a challenge but we have the most comprehensive selection of games and other exciting products that will help you to do so. We have everything from classics like limbo and chess, to old favourites such as Twister and Giant Jenga. The games we offer are suitable for both inside and outdoor use so we can deliver entertainment for a wide range of celebrations.

Our customers are sure to find the perfect games in our large selection and can rely on us to offer the kind of quality they are looking for. All of our products are well looked after and kept in top condition, so you won’t be let down with a game that isn’t working or has vital pieces missing. With our hire service we will get everything set up for you and can provide supervisors throughout the event to help keep people safe. We are very safety conscious and ensure every game we have is family friendly.

Our huge selection of giant party games in Dublin means you can choose a selection and ensure you include everybody’s favourites. If you want something more modern we also provide giant video game stations for major consoles. Rather than playing on your usual TV, you can choose a larger station and include more people in the fun.

We are the largest provider of giant party games in Dublin. We promise value for money, quality games and the kind of experience that your guests will love. The reason we are so successful is because we never forget that it is your event. This remains our main focus and we give all we can to ensure you and your guests have the best experience possible. We can even help with planning if you need it.

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