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A definite favourite at Entertainment Solutions HQ is this highly addictive game which will have guests coming back time and time again to try and beat their score. 2 Players go head to head in a fast paced battle of speed and reaction time.

The machine has 2 game modes

Standard mode: Single or 2 player game
Each player goes against the clock to see how many lights they can extinguish in the 30 seconds, the faster they are pressed the faster the lit buttons refresh, really fast and furious game play.

Battle mode: 2 Player game
Each game starts with the same number of lit buttons, every time you press a lit button on 1 side it lights another on your opponents side, the aim of the game being to transfer all your lights to the opponents side extinguishing all your buttons, harder than you think!

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This is a highly visual game with built in sound effects, time & score clocks it is perfect for exhibition stands, incentives, brand activations, team building and parties.

Branding options include custom branded score board at small additional charge, please contact us for further details.

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*Suitable for indoor use only.
*1x standard 13amp socket required.

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