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If you are looking for the finest fairy light and starlight dance floors available in Ireland, we are your number one choice. These dance floors are sure to make magical moments happen for you and all of the guests at your party. Whether you take to the floor yourself to dance or simply watch on from the sides, this dance floor truly looks amazing, giving the dazzling, discerning feel and look you want for your big event. They can be built to a size of 20ft by 20ft, ensuring an impressive setting for any type of event.

Whether you want to create the perfect, romantic mood for that all important first dance on your wedding day, or want to complement your cool dance moves at a birthday party, our fairy light dance floors give you the look and feel you want.

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Just imagine your guests’ toes tapping away on our starlight dance floors – these fantastic floors will bring that extra special wow factor to your event, no matter where you are holding it. Our dance floors come in panels which measure 2ftx2ft and 2ftx4ft, allowing us to make a dance floor which fits perfectly into the available space. For a general guide to help your party planning, usually we find that a 16ftx16ft dance floor is ideal for up to 70 guests, with a 20ftx20ft being able to handle just over 100.

The only thing that’s as important to us as your entertainment is your safety and security. We adhere to the strictest standards possible with our dance floor hire services, and our professional fitting makes them fine for all to use.

Although our starlight dance floors are already offered at the most competitive price you will find, don’t forget we always apply a discount when you hire our other services at the same time, making it even more affordable to have a great party.

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