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This service is perfect for entertaining guests at a reception or party, and makes a brilliant visual aid for speeches and presentations. Not only can we supply projectors, projection screens and flat screen TVs, we offer professionally designed slideshows with your pictures, content and branding. We also provide multiple input options – laptops, DVD players or bring your own and we’ll set it all up.

Share your favourite photographs and memories with your guests using one of our projector slideshows. Tell the story of how the happy couple met, or get some embarrassing photos up for the birthday boy.

Tell us what you need and we’ll arrange it all for you. Our experts can show you how the equipment works, set it up for you and help if anything goes wrong (which it never really does). We can arrange and manage the slideshow for you as well as incorporating your favourite songs as a soundtrack. All you need to do is send us your photos, video or audio files and we can make a professional looking presentation for your event.

[hr] [h5]Call us today on 01 5166 550 or click the button to get a quote your event now…[/h5]

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