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If you want to transform the walls of your party or event venue into something truly special, our fairy light backdrops are exactly what you are looking for. Although they look great at any celebratory event, they are particularly popular at weddings due to the magical, romantic and subtle atmosphere they create.

Getting the lighting perfectly right is important for any event, but especially when it comes to a wedding. As many photos will be taken throughout the day and evening to help preserve years of treasured memories, it’s important that the wedding decorations and lighting do not distract your guests or the happy couple. These backdrops offer a subtle elegance and will make a wonderful setting for the photos.

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Our fairy light backdrops are designed to give the perfect look and feel to your special day. We are here to provide the best possible solutions for your special event, so we always make it our priority to supply exactly what you want, not what we or anyone else thinks will work. Our job is to make sure everything runs smoothly and looks great on the big day. To complement your fairy light backdrop, we can also supply a range of matching lighting effects, including lighting for the head table and cake table at your wedding party.

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