[h5]Call us today on 01 5166 550 or click the button to get a quote your event now…[/h5] [hr] Have you always wanted the opportunity to dunk your boss, co-workers or friends? Then why not consider a dunk tank for your next big occasion? Dunk tanks are great fun and fantastic for attracting publicity to your event as they’re sure to draw a crowd.

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These tanks are a favourite choice for carnivals, summer fairs, corporate events, company BBQs and more. The way it works is simple: you throw the ball, hit the target, and the unlucky volunteer is dunked into the 500-gallon water tank. If you’re planning a fundraising or charity event, sponsored dunking is a great way to raise some cash while having good clean fun.

Health and safety is always a priority for us, so the dunk tank will be operated by one of our staff members who will ensure everything runs smoothly and safely throughout the day. The tank can be used indoors or outdoors as long as there is an available water supply. It can be hired for photoshoots as well as for all the kinds of events we mentioned above.

This is only one of four dunk tanks available in Ireland, so your event is certain to stand out with one of our Dunk Tanks!

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