It goes without saying that when you’re looking to book games and entertainment for your event you want something that will give you the best of everything. What you want in place is something that’s eye-catching and attractive, yet doesn’t distract your guests from the main purpose of the event. You also want something that feels familiar, yet has a fresh and new feel to it. This is exactly what our new Cyclone machine brings to you and your event.

Quite a few people at your event will be familiar with The Cyclone machine due to its rather famous debut. This entertainment system first appeared on the highly successful Dragon’s Den TV show, and proved to be one of the most popular business pitches ever broadcast. Usually this aspect alone makes sure you’ve got the attention of your guests.

For those unfamiliar with this fun gaming activity, The Cyclone is based on the much loved “Grab A Grand” machine, giving the features and functionality a modern twist. An advanced airflow system allows you to create a cyclone like effect within the gaming booth, with the soft ball grab and store approach providing even more fun for those who play it. The distinct circular tubing of the machine really does work to set the entertainment machine apart from the rest.

One of the most attractive reasons for selecting the Cyclone machine is that it’s 100% brandable for your specific event. Both the inner gaming chamber and top display can feature your own branding and artwork. This works to firmly associate the fun and entertainment had with your corporate brand or big event.

Something that makes The Cyclone all the more desirable to have at your event is the fact that we make it affordable. With many of the world’s biggest international corporations making use of the gaming system you might think that surely it would be too expensive to use as entertainment for an event in Ireland. We’re very proud of being able to make sure that’s not the case at all.

You’ve come to us in order to find the very best games and entertainment possible to make sure your promotion or event stands out and remains memorable across all who attend. We have absolutely no hesitation at all in saying that the Cyclone machine will give you this and much more.

If you have any questions or would like to learn more please contact us.