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When you are holding a party, special event or celebration, it’s a time where you want both your guests and yourself to unwind, relax, enjoy and indulge. There can surely be no more a rewarding, luxurious, naughty yet oh so nice treat as a chocolate fountain. We are proud to bring you the very best available chocolate fountain hire in Dublin, bringing you the finest quality dippers, chocolate and equipment at very affordable prices.

The presence of a chocolate fountain at your party will elevate the celebration to another level. Out of all the features you could have at your party, this is the one that all your guests will see and want to try. Everyone will love the chance to dip their chosen foods into the fountain and sample some delicious chocolate. This is a sure way to get everyone talking, laughing and enjoying themselves while they indulge in some fun and tasty treats.

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Whether you want your chocolate fountain to provide dessert for your guests, or to serve as an in-between courses treat, our hire service has proved to be a big hit time and again at all sorts of special occasions. Whether you take the 3 or 5 tier fountain, you can be assured of a safe, hygienic and overall fun and tasty experience.

We provide only the highest quality chocolate for our fountain hire, designed specifically for use in the machine. This is complemented by our range of dippers. Our standard menu features a versatile list to choose from that are likely to suit any and all tastes. We offer strawberries, seedless grapes, pineapple and melon balls, as well as marshmallows, fudge, Turkish delight and cookies. If there’s something special you want that’s not mentioned here, we will of course strive to source the best and have it there for you.

We believe you shouldn’t have to pay a fortune to enjoy a luxurious and fun chocolate fountain at your event, which is why we keep costs as affordable as possible.

Pricing includes an illuminated base, 4-6 dips of your choice, and 2 hours of service including an attendant to serve your guests.
Don’t forget, we always apply generous discounts if you hire any of our other services.

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