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Here at Entertainment Solutions we have some of the best arcade games available to hire in the country.
If there’s an arcade game you want to hire for your event that we don’t have listed, chances are if it’s available – we know where to get it, so get in touch!

Arcade basketball machine hire

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Our arcade basketball machine is available in 2 player, 4 player, 6 player & 8 player configuration.

This game comes complete with a wireless remote start, digital scoreboard & built in sound effects.
The aim of the game is simple, all players try to score as many baskets as they can in 60 seconds. All baskets are digitally counted and the digital timer keeps track of the time.

This game comes supplied complete with up to 10 mini basketballs.

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Foosball Table \ Table Football hire

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Foosball, table soccer whatever you choose to call this highly entertaining & competitive table-top sport, it is sure to be a winner at your next event. All our football tables supplied are an official full size professional table with glass play field for super that fast play. All our tables are recognised by the ITSF – International Table Soccer Federation.

Table football is usually played two a side – ‘doubles, but equally as much fun the tables can be played one aside, three or even! Whether you want to hire our tables for fun or a competitive event, this is a proven favourite and sure to be a success with young and old alike.

Each table comes with 3 foosballs.
We stock several of these tables allowing multiple units to be hired together.

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Air Hockey table hire

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When you hire one of our Air Hockey Tables we guaranteed they will bring out the competitive side in you. Go one-on-one, or try 4 players in teams of two as you try to be the first to score ten goals against the opposition. The players use the paddles to knock the puck along the surface of the table, which is covered with holes to allow air to flow through from the fan underneath, this lifts the puck slightly off the surface allowing it to glide.

The Air Hockey Table is available to hire for birthday parties, corporate and family fun days, team building events and private parties.
This Air Hockey Table has an electronic scoreboard, speakers and 3 game modes.
Each table comes with 4 paddles and 3 air hockey pucks.

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Pool table hire

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Entertainment Solutions provide a pool table hire service throughout Ireland.
Each table comes with all accessories needed to play – 2 pool cues, chalk, a set of uk or american pool balls and a triangle.
All our tables are heavy duty pub style, slate bed pool tables and are a firm favourite for corporate events, weddings and private parties.

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Get in touch for more details.[/notify_box]