How to survive your Christmas Work-do

Now, Christmas parties can always pose dangers – what to wear, how to act and so forth. You want avoid any social hiccups that could cause awkwardness as you go into the New Year with your colleagues. Here are 11 keys to your work Christmas party success this year.

First of all, on the big day of you’re work party you want to make sure you arrive fully prepared for the upcoming annual event. Plenty of carbs lining your belly is advisable, as Christmas parties are not a place for the fatigued and undernourished.

Probably the most important rule of how to survive your Christmas work-do is too turn up. It will do you little to no favors in the office should you offer a skeptical alibi to why you were not attending the festive event. So get stuck in – even if you don’t much appreciate the talented 70’s DJ’s that are prone to making appearances at these prestigious events.


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Now the delicate subject of what to wear, it can be a tough decision – playing on your mind prior to the event for days. Try not to arrive looking like Jim Carey or Jeff Daniels turning up to a charity event in dumber and dumber, that might be too much. However avoid looking like you’ve just decided too jog to the event in your most comfortable sportswear. There are a range of suitable options, we suggest you find them before its too late.

Alcohol. This can is a very slippery slope when it comes too social suicide at your Christmas party, the key is drink in moderation. You and your mates might find a whole world of amusement in certain Friday night antics, maybe that time you vomited on the dance floor was hilarious; your boss might wont treasure that memory like your mates will, though.

Behave, and be social – Despite taboo topics at the office almost being, acceptable by Christmas party standards it can still pay you dividends too keep your personal business, personal business. If you are a budding racist, sexual deviant or even a tremendous gossip, keep tat at home. Karen from accounts has no interest in the size of your manhood and Geoff doesn’t want to hear your views on immigration. Keep it for the sex forums and EDL meetings.

Be careful what you post – like a magpie to its shiny mecca, the temptation to post on social networking sites while intoxicated can be overwhelming. Remember the consequences. What seemed harmless, “Dave’s just stolen a gnome”, will actually lead to, “Dave’s just received his P45 and a criminal charge”. Think. Don’t drink and Facebook.

Don’t make a ‘Wince buy’. In some offices it’s customary to exchange gifts on the works Christmas outing. Dangerous and amusing all rolled into one. If your office follows such a tradition here’s some good advice. Keep it clean, funny is fine but not offensive. If you’re buying Sue, who has a rather obvious bit of lip fuzz a razor and shaving cream, you’ve crossed the line.
Don’t be a mistle-hoe. Ah, copping off with a colleague at the Christmas bash. It seems like it’s the one, the settings perfect. You’re looking sharp, on top for with un-returnable wit and plus you’ve had a mini crush on them for ages. STOP. Control your libido. Try explaining to the boss why you don’t want to ask them for the figures because you’re worried about your drunken fumbling performance. You see how that goes down. Be Don Draper, not Don Raper.

Plan ahead. Live in the sticks or outside the accepted staggering catchment area? You need to do a bit of forward thinking. Book that taxi up. No one wants to get caught short once the night has finished and have to ask the creepy guy, who you have little to no idea what he actually does in the office, if you can crash on his sofa. That’s a missing persons listing waiting to happen.

Say thanks – we were all schooled, I hope in the execution of manners. Let’s make Ma and Pa proud and apply them throughout the evening like good human beings. If you’re unfamiliar with the art of ‘please’ and ‘thank you’ then, quite frankly, there’s no hope for you. You’re a shambles.

Finally, plan a hangover cure. It doesn’t take Nostradamus to predict the morning after’s likely to be ill fated after the night of debauchery beforehand. If you’re in any fit state, a pint of water, Alka Seltzer and Berocca before hitting the hay is a good preventer. However, should you fail to do this plenty of sugary foods have seen me good in the past. Make no solid commitments, the day after, a common but, fatal mistake.

This article was written by from the Corporate Entertainment Professionals Infographic on How to survive the office Christmas party

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